Net Schedule

Nets listed by day of the week and their times for Pierce County ARES teams. The purpose of these nets is to provide ARES members with opportunities to test equipment, obtain information, conduct exercises and drills, and to train in various radio modes. All team members are encouraged to check in to their team net, the weekly district net, and to use the digital training net to learn about and use various digital modes and software. For preambles, rosters, etc., please follow the links on the right-hand side.

DayTimeTeamNet TypeFrequency UseFrequencyOffsetPL TonePreambleCheck In Form
Sunday1900 LocalFIARCGoup NetPrimary146.54Simplex
Sunday1930 LocalPNWDMR NETPrimaryPNWRTG 31771
Monday1830 LocalRRGGroup NetPrimary145.21Minus141.3Preamble
Monday1830 LocalCentralTeam NetPrimary442.45Plus103.5Preamble
Monday1845 LocalCentralTeam NetAlternate145.21Minus141.3
Monday1900 LocalPeninsulaTeam Net Primary145.35Minus103.5Preamble
Monday1900 LocalPeninsulaTeam Net Alternate440.225Plus103.5
Tuesday1815 LocalAll Teams220 NetPrimary224.18Minus103.5PreambleCheck In Form
Tuesday1830 LocalSouthTeam NetDuplex (main)442.725Plus103.5Preamble
Tuesday1830 LocalEast Team NetPrimary146.64Minus103.5Preamble
Tuesday1830 LocalEastTeam NetAlternate147.3Minus88.5
Tuesday1900 LocalAll TeamsDistrict NetPrimary145.37Minus136.5PreambleCheck In Form
Tuesday1930 LocalAll TeamsDistrict NetAlternate146.7Minus103.5
Tuesday1930 LocalFD-17Group NET Primary145.6SimplexPreamble
2nd Wensday1200 LocalPLUGroup NetPrimary443.3Plus103.5Preamble
2nd Wensday1200 LocalPLUGroup NetAlternate145.23Minus146.2Preamble
Friday1900 LocalRoy AreaTeam NetPrimary (net Start)147.42SimplexPreamble
Friday1900 LocalRoy AreaTeam NetDuplex/Main146.7Minus103.5
Saturday0900 LocalWSENStatePrimary3.985LSB
Saturday0900 LocalWSENStateAlternate7.245LSB