Amateur Radio Communication Services (ARCS)

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ARCS Website

What is ARCS?
Pierce County Amateur Radio Communication Services (ARCS) is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation with the express purpose of supporting District 5 Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), and a mission to provide the most effective and efficient communication services possible to entities we serve. ARCS is a corporate entity which may enter into binding relationships (contracts, MOU’s, etc.), own property, receive funds, and exercise any corporate functions in accordance with State and Federal laws.

Pierce County District 5 ARES is a local affiliate of the national ARES program, which is in turn organized and directed by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL). As such, Pierce County ARES does not exist as a corporate entity. Therefore, Pierce County ARES may not enter into any binding relationships, own property, maintain funds, or exercise corporate franchise. ARCS was formed as a way to support the material needs of Pierce County ARES.

What does ARCS do for District 5, Pierce County ARES?
ARCS raises funds, manages existing contracts such as operating agreements for our repeaters and communications infrastructure, hosts our website and maintains our Email service. ARCS also maintains the State and Federal documentation and filings needed to maintain our 501(c)(3) and non-profit status.

ARES is an all-volunteer organization which operates largely with donated time and materials. Still, some recurring expenditures are necessary and ARCS serves as the fiscal agent which manages them. Examples of our other expenses are radio equipment, maintenance and support of our equipment and resources, as well as our outreach and recruiting program. Our outreach program funds promotional items such as fliers and space rentals at Amateur Radio, Public Service, Educational and Community Events.

ARCS provides property management and accountability for ARCS-owned equipment and resources. ARES supports a wide network of Served Agencies and locations while maintaining accountability for our assets.

Donations to the ARCS team can be made on the ARCS Website.
Donations to the ARCS are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donors receive documentation of their donations for tax reporting purposes.

How is ARCS managed?
ARCS consists of Officers, Directors, and General Members. ARCS membership is open to all FCC-licensed District 5 ARES members with current WA State Emergency Worker Cards who have performed, or demonstrated a desire to perform, leadership roles within District 5 ARES. All General Members must be recommended and/or appointed.

ARCS Insignia:
The ARCS Insignia was developed to highlight the specific relationship between the ARCS and the organization it supports, Pierce County ARES.

Our insignia consists of five parts all symbolizing distinct aspects of our organization. Our motto, “Ad Firmamentum”, is a Latin phrase that describes our purpose to support and strengthen ARES. The Roman Numerals, MCMXCIV (1994), represent the year that ARCS was incorporated. The key symbolizes our logistics functions of procurement, control, and accountability. The quill symbolizes our leadership functions of authority, knowledge, and guardianship. And lastly, the lightning bolt, symbolizes power, strength, and instantaneous communications.